Top 3 Beach Home Styling Musts

It's our favorite time of year - summer! We share with you our top tips to prep your summer home for unforgettable times with loved ones just in time for beach season.

Summer is upon us! More sun, more sea, and certainly more time in your beach home with friends and loved ones. We're here to share with you our top 3 home decoration tips to help you turn your beach home into a total summer getaway. Read on.

Make the View the Star of the Show

What's a better center of attention than the beautiful azure of the sea, and the sunny yellow of the sand? We doubt any furniture would complete with such a natural view. Accordingly, design your rooms around the view with simple furniture pieces positioned to make the best out of it.

Draw Inspiration from Your Context

Opt for a color palette that imitates the beach. Go for soft blues, sandy neutrals, some coral pops of color, all paired with white for a simple relaxing look. Use nautical-themed decor pieces; ones with shell or fish motifs, for example. Even better: create your own home accessories from materials you collected on the beach! 

Don't Forget About Functionality

Don't get too absorbed into aesthetics and forget about usage when styling your beach home! Go for practical furniture that'll endure beach season's wear & tear. For example: avoid tufted rugs or carpets and go for natural jute or kilim that are more likely to tolerate water & sand, go for wicker or bamboo chairs in your terrace instead of upholstered ones, and so on.

What challenges do you face when furnishing your summer home? Our designers can give you a helping hand to bring your summer getaway to life as smoothly and as hassle-free as possible. Happy vacationing!

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