Green Glamour: Picking Artificial Plants 101

Need a touch of greenery in your space but bombarded with too many options? We're here with some tips to help you make just the right artificial plants' selection for your home. Let's start!

At a loss to find just the right artificial plants for your space? We're here to help! Here are some of our top tips and tricks to buy the perfect artificial plants for that lush touch of greenery to your space!

Identify Your Style

  • First things first, take some time to identify your style and the specific areas in your home that could use some greenery with an artificial plant or two. Whether you lean towards modern minimalism or cozy bohemian vibes, understanding your style will guide you in making the just right choice. You can take our online quiz to help you with that for starters.

Get Inspired

Take inspiration from interior design blogs, social media, and other platforms to explore creative ways to incorporate artificial plants into your living space. You can then draw on these inspirations to come up with something that speaks to you. Asking friends or family members for suggestions is also another way to get you inspired.

Take Measurements

A straightforward though often forgotten point is to measure the intended spaces where you plan to put your artificial plants. You need to make sure that the plants you purchase will fit seamlessly into their spaces without overwhelming or overcrowding them.

Aim for Realism

Aim for artificial plants that closely mimic the appearance of real ones. Look out for details such as color variation, texture, foliage density, etc. to judge if the plant looks realistic enough & whether or not it'd be a visually appealing addition to your home. 

  • Explore & Experiment

  • Don't limit yourself to traditional potted plants. Get creative by exploring a variety of artificial plant options, including hanging plants, wall-mounted greenery, and botanical arrangements, to add depth and dimension to your space.

Balance it All Out

Harmonize your artificial plant selections with your existing decor to create a cohesive and balanced look. Consider factors such as color schemes, textures, and overall ambiance to ensure that your new additions complement rather than clash with your surroundings.

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