From Pinterest to Reality: Get the Look with Local Brands

Bring the Pinterest board of your dreams to life with Ingy's curation of local brands - all available on our online store!

This is a blog post with the aim of helping you live inside your Pinterest board in a sense. Ingy, our kick-ass designer, has put together a curation of pieces from our collections of local brands so you can get that Pinterest-worthy look in your own space. Read on!

Coastal Zen Bedroom

This look is all about minimalism, simplicity, and peace. A soft color palette of whites coupled with neutral colors and natural materials like wood and jute is key to bringing this look to life. Accessorize with natural plants and photos of your favorite getaways to take you back to your most zen moments.

Ethnic Flavor

This look is a very vibrant and dynamic one; perfect for one of your space’s corners or maybe an entire room if you’re up for it! Quirky shapes, bold colors, and energetic patterns are what you need to get this vibe going. Vintage accessories make perfect finishing touches for it - think a colorful vase from your grandma’s house or perhaps an old phone.

Statement Ceiling

This look asks you to go bold and make a statement! We barely look up when we enter a room, so why not challenge that with a colorful, patterned ceiling? It can totally change your whole space’s look. Try it yourself! Pair the room’s furniture colors with the ones used for the ceiling and you have a design board come to life right inside your home. For a finishing touch, hang a show stopping chandelier and you’re all set for the ultimate statement ceiling.


What’s your favorite look? We love working with our clients to create the beautiful spaces they dream of in all tastes and styles. Experiment with bringing these looks to life yourself or start your own design project with us and let our designers give you a helping hand.

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