Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Our new furniture & décor collection is here. Let’s walk you through this collection inspired by the zodiac’s four elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

Spring and summer are over, welcome fall and winter! We always celebrate new seasons with new home furniture & decor collections to compliment them & inspire you to get your space in the right mood. For this collection, we drew inspiration from the zodiac signs' four elements to curate looks for every room in your home. Read on.

Earth - Rich & Restorative

This is a look that just feels like home. Full of earthy colors and rich textures, this look is characterized by a sense of groundedness that is core to Earth signs. It's a restorative and warm look, that's reminiscent of fall and its beautiful colors.

Air - Breezy & Free

Taking inspiration from the natives of the Air element, this look features a mostly white and cream color palette coupled with sleek textures to reflect the ever-changing and free-spirited nature of Libra, Aquarius & Gemini. We also can't help but think of winter snow when we see it.

Fire - Bold & Fierce

It's hard to miss how this look channels the energy of the zodiac's fiery Leo, Aries & Sagittarius. This look features daring hues and rich textures to bring on a sense of passion & boldness to your space. Perfect for the creative & fierce souls out there.

Water - Imaginative & Dreamy

This look features an interesting mix of dreamy blues & playful patterns to bring to life the essence of the Water signs. Their deep imaginative nature is creatively reflected in this look's different room curations that also echo winter's charming cool palette.

Which one is your favorite? We're sure you'll find something that speaks to you in one of the looks. Go ahead and shop the looks yourself or get one of our designers to help you bring it about in your space!

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