Efreshli x Partment: Your Second Home at ⅛th of the Price!

All about our exciting collaboration with Partment, making second home ownership (in style!) in Egypt easier than ever before.

Who doesn't want a home in Gouna at 1/8th of the price? We’re excited to be partners with Partment, a company that makes that dream very much a reality in Egypt! Owning a second home has never been easier.

How Does it Work?

Partment’s breaks down traditional barriers to the process of home ownership through the concept of co-ownership. Different properties in various prime locations in Egypt are listed on their platform for interested clients to own a share of the property, making them, along with the other shareholders, co-owners of the property. Through Partment’s proprietary smart booking system, co-owners can then book their preferred days to use the property, and voila! All set for the perfect long weekend or vacation getaway!

Partment x Efreshli

Providing a home that is stylish and highly functional is on top of Partment’s priorities, and that’s where Efreshli comes in! Partment provides the property, we furnish & style it! So, your vacation home will be furnished with timeless pieces from the best local home decor brands on the market. Efreshli loves collaborating with innovative local brands so this collaboration with Partment is one we’re particularly excited about. The solution they bring to the table, especially with the current market prices, is one that’s needed now more than ever.

Let the Designing Begin!

Our designers are excited to furnish & style the perfect home away from home for you and your loved ones with Partment. Head over to their platform now and explore a variety of potential new homes.

We help you create a space you love, at your convenience & your budget