Efreshli x Jam by Hedayat: Charming Room Curations

We've partnered with Jam by Hedayat to bring you two room curations that are sure to get you brimming with inspiration! Read on to learn about the collaboration and to explore the two looks.

As a space for the best local designers and home furniture & decor brands, nothing excites us more at Efreshli than fresh new collaborations! This time around we collaborated with Jam by Hedayat, opening our platform for the lovely Hedayat, the brand's founder, to curate two room looks. All using furniture and decor from Jam as well as other awesome local brands from our network of partners.

The Handcrafted Home

The Handcrafted Home is a living room curation that exudes harmony & grace. This look brings together a mix of the modern & Meditarranean in such a soft charming combination.

We are especially in love with the softness of the look. It's soft yet far from bland or boring with the leaf and plant patterns on the cushions and the curtains as well as abstract ones on the rug. All seemingly small touches that bring the space to life.

Artisanal Dining Room

The Artisanal dining room features an exciting and dynamic curation of furniture and accessories, drawing inspiration from local contexts. 

We are especially in love with the diversity of the look. The stunning organic shapes of the ceiling lamps with the vibrant colors of the accessories with the touch of local inspiration in the pieces, all create a wonderful fusion. 

Special shoutout to Filfil - Jam's signature donkey sculpture! There's barely anything that says local inspiration & authenticity more than this blue accessory.


Make sure you check out Jam by Hedayat's two curated rooms and shop the picks you love. You'll find a listing with all the products used so you can easily get your hands on them.

And if this left you feeling inspired and brimming with ideas to furnish your own space, well, our designers would love to bring your inspiration to reality! So schedule your one-on-one with one of our designers whenever you're ready.

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