Dopamine Decor: What, How, Why?

Heard of dopamine decor before? Read on to know all about this recent design trend and how you can incorporate it into your space.

If you spend a good portion of your time on Tiktok, you're probably familiar with the term "dopamine decor". The trend has been taking social media by storm and we're here to dive deeper into what it's all about and how you can apply it in your home. Let's go!

More Color = More Joy

A major part of what dopamine decor is all about is using color in your home to induce dopamine, the "feel-good" hormone. The theory goes that the more colorful your space is, the happier you'll be given the power of color to enhance our mood. Don't get us wrong, we're huge supporters of neutral palettes, but we're equally passionate about the boldness and dynamism that color brings to a space!

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Beyond Color

In addition to color, dopamine decor is also about going for "what sparks joy" in your home. Anything that instantly lifts your mood regardless of trends or picture-perfect Instagram shots. Contrasting colors? Why not. Seemingly clashing patterns? Also why not. As long as it makes you happy, go for it. We sometimes get too fussy about practicality and forget to have fun with our furniture & accessories. And so, dopamine decorating is prioritizing what you love most to make yourself happier.

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So how can you incorporate the style into your home? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Give color a try. Start by switching one of your rugs for a brightly colored one to see how you feel about the color, then gradually move to pieces that might seem riskier to you like consoles or chairs. Keep building up till you go for a whole wall!

  2. Explore different patterns. Try mixing and matching some patterns that you love without  giving too much thought to what "should" go together. Easiest way to go about this is exploring a mix of different cushions or throws. Youll surprise yourself.

  3. Think about what you love. Is there a particular quote that inspires you? Is there a certain trinket from your childhood that makes your heart melt? Use these as accessories in your space.

  4. Plants & flowers are your friends. Plants are the easiest way to add color and a touch of nature to your space. Is there anything more easily uplifting than looking at a bunch of brightly colored flowers as you chill on your sofa?

How do you feel about dopamine decor? Try it out for yourself, or if you need some extra help, get one of our designers on board to co-create the ultimate bold, happy designs for your space. 

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