Create Your Own Gallery Wall in 5 Steps

Well curated gallery walls never fail to turn heads in almost any space. Here's how you can set up yours in 5 simple steps!

Gallery walls add this instant magical effect to any room. They bring life to empty walls and are actually easier to set up than you might think if you take time to consider your curation. So we're here to help you bring that wall art to your space with 5 simple steps. Let's go!

Explore What Works for You

Don't feel the need to stick to just printed art for your gallery wall. Actually, the more variety you have, the better! Consider a mix of photographs, printed art, handmade accessories, maybe even mirrors and plants. Think of what works best for you and go for it.

Think of a Theme

Reflect on the theme you want to go for. Will you go for something intimate like a family theme? Something more generic like a coastal or tropical theme? Perhaps you want to go for a bold mix of colors without a particular common theme? Or maybe a black & white theme? Think of what you want your gallery wall to say and select your wall art accordingly.

Blue Beach Prints Set of 6

Decide on the Layout

A good way to visualize your curation before actually hanging it is to lay it out on the floor in front of your wall. See how you want the final look to be; will you hang your artwork using a horizontal or portrait orientation or a mix of both? Will the layout be symmetrical or more organic and random? Make sure you take your wall measurements to check that your decided layout fits within it.

Photo courtesy of Desenio

Pick Your Frames

Now that you've settled on a layout, start picking your frames. You can decide to go for one color for all frames or to mix and match them. Also think of your frame colors in relationship to your wall color. Do you want them to blend together, or do you want them to be in contrast?

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Start Hanging!

Get your hammer, nails and hooks ready. You'll probably also need a ruler, pencil and a rubber to measure the spaces between the frames and to mark where they need to be. Make sure you keep equal distances between the artwork regardless of any differences between their individual sizes.


What do you think? Did this ignite your wall art decor passion? Give it a go or let our designers help you out! We're always up for a new design project.

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