Celebrating 4 Years of Dream Homes

Efreshli turns 4! We're celebrating 4 years of bringing beautiful homes to life with the help of amazing local brands, designers, and home owners.

It's been 4 years since Efreshli started! Utilizing the wonders of technology, we aimed to be "the easiest way to furnish your home" and along our journey to make this a reality we've opened our platform to as many inspiring local designers and brands as clients have opened their homes to us. So, here's a rundown of our journey's milestones to share with you as we thank you for growing with us.

Celebrating 150+ Partner Local Brands

Partnerships with local brands are one of the primary things we pride ourselves on at Eftreshli. Each brand comes in with its own unique character and identity that our home designers so beautifully merge with clients' aspirations to bring wonderful spaces to life.

The creativity, talent and hard work put in by our partners inspires our work everyday and never fails to drive us forward.

Celebrating 1500+ Happily Furnished Spaces

We believe a home isn't just a furnished house of nice looking objects that fit well together. A home is a haven that you go back to to get inspired, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, if you like. Each with their own taste and style and needs, but the trust that we're thinking of their home as what it is, a home, rather than another house to be furnished is the common factor. And it is what enabled us to lovingly bring to life so many dream homes over the past 4 years. 

Celebrating 8000+ Timeless Pieces

Our e-commerce home furniture & decor store grew with us over the years. After starting out solely as a home interior design service, we took the partnership with our brands and the talents of our team a step further; a big one!

Starting out with only a few products, our store now has over 8000 top quality products from some of the best local brands in the market. It's a step we're very happy we took and one that just continues to renew our faith in our team and partner brands. 


Once again, thank you for growing with us and being part of our 4 year journey at Efreshli. We're treating you to 10% off of a special selection of pieces that we curated for the celebration.

Happy shopping, and to many more years of changing the world (yes we said that!) one happy home at a time.

We help you create a space you love, at your convenience & your budget