4 tips to get started on your living-dining room layout

A layout that makes the most of your space and caters to your day-to-day lifestyle is one of the most important starting points in designing your space. Functionality is key and how you want to use the space informs everything else.  Here are a few principles that can help you get started, and build out from there. 

Think about circulation

To be able to flow from one spot to another without getting 'stuck' will make using the space more enjoyable. Resist the urge to get pieces that are too big to 'maximize' seating, and make sure you have good distance between  main furniture pieces so it's easy to slip in and out. 

Add a divider if you want to create more formality

Formality of open spaces can vary from completely casual & comfortable to a place suited for entertaining.  If you want to dress things up add a divider such as a paravant or back-sofa table to have a slightly more formal space. 

For smaller spaces consider a circular dining setting

If your space is small a circular dining might make more sense to maximize seating without making it feel overcrowded. 

For longer or larger consider rectangular or large dining settings

A rectangular dining table and living arrangement is more fitting for a a long shaped room. 

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