3 Top Tips to Style a Console Table

Looking to style a console or back sofa table but not sure where to start? We'll take you through our top 3 styling tips to turn your console into something that's Pinterest-worthy!

Got a new console that you're not too sure how to style? Let's go through our designers' top 3 interior styling tips to get your console looking as best as it could be! Read on. 

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Find Your Statement Piece

This piece is going to be the center of attention or focal point of your console and it's what you're going to use as the starting point for all the rest of the items you'll pick. It's basically what's you're going to build your final look around. Bulky items are ideal for this role. You can go for a large vase, table lamp, decorative accessory, artwork or any other item that you love. 

Play with Heights

As you start picking the items that'll go on your console, make sure you curate a collection of items of variable heights. You definitely don't want to end up with a row of items standing flatly on your table. What you want is a sense of visual interest and what's going to help you create that is going for items that compliment each other in a dynamic way.

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Introduce Texture

Another key way to create visual interest in your final look is to include items with a variety of textures when you're styling. Perhaps you can use jute baskets underneath your console (bonus point: extra storage!) or leather poufs (bonus point: extra seating!). For the table top you can mix & match clay decorative accessories with a fiberglass table lamp, for example. You do you. 

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