3 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Plants

Read on for our top tips & tricks on decorating with plants in your space

Plant parents out there, this blog post is for you! We're sharing with you some of our designers' tips on decorating with green friends for an effortless feeling of calm and relaxation in your home. Let's go!

Bring on the Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a wonderful option if your rooms aren't spacious enough for plant pots or anything bulky in general. You can easily hang them from the ceiling and save floor space. Bonus point: you get to choose from a variety of different hangers to add character to your room! Macrame, bamboo, you name it.

Mix & Match 

When choosing which plants to group together, go for plants with different heights and different sizes to create a sense of dynamism in your space. Go for a mix of tall and short plants, small and big ones, and so on. Avoid keeping things too uniform so you don't end up with a flat looking space. Exploring plants with different leaf shapes is another great idea that is sure to keep your collection looking interesting and lively.

Have Fun with Pots

Get creative with the pots you put your plants in. It's a super easy way to style up your space with minimal effort. You can go for a mix of pots with contrasting textures, colors and patterns for this dopamine decor effect, you can go for a more put together final look with pots of complimenting colors and textures, or you can go for something that's totally unique to you - that's the fun of it! 

We hope this inspires you with some creative ideas to bring in more of that lush greenery into your space. Still think you need more guidance? Get one of our designers to handle things for you while you furnish your place. We love bringing our clients' dream homes to life. 

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