3 Ramadan Decor Tips for Your Home

Ramadan kareem! This blog post is all about decorating your home in celebration for the Holy Month so read on for 3 simple tips to help you set the vibe.

Ramadan is here! And what are Ramadan celebrations without the decorations, right? A major part of how we celebrate Ramadan is the beautiful decorations adorning streets and homes alike, so read on for 3 super easy tips on how to decorate your home in celebration of the Holy Month.

Bring in the Holy Month's Spirit

Decorative accessories with folkloric, authentic, or spiritual themes are a great way to bring in the Ramadan spirit to your space. For example, you can add a themed metal stand on top of your buffet, replace one of your artworks with a themed one for the month, etc.

Photo courtesy of Caravanserai

Pick Out Tableware

Ramadan is all about gathering with family & loved ones! And tableware is the star of the show in every gathering, so pick out tableware that is both unique and practical to channel the month's spirit into every iftar or suhoor gathering you host. And instead of the traditional oriental desserts, tableware also make for great functional gifts to your hosts in the month of giving.

Photo courtesy of Knana

Add Simple Touches

If you don't really want to spend on a lot of items and are looking for an effortless way to prep your home for Ramadan, consider something as simple as replacing your cushion covers with something khayameya themed, for example or adding a themed runner to your dining or coffee table. These simple adjustments will help you set the vibe with minimal fuss.

How did you find that? Which of these things have you already done and what are you planning to do? If you're still looking for Ramadan essentials, don't miss our store's collection; you'll get to pick what you love from items by a variety of brands and for all budgets and styles! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan full of serene moments and cozy gatherings.

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