3 Home Furnishing Tips Inspired by D-Bay

We had a blast working with Tatweer Misr to furnish 34 cabanas at their brand new coastal haven D-bay. Read on for a few tips on styling your summer home à la D-bay!

It's D-bay time! D-bay by Tatweer Misr just opened its doors to the first batch of sea lovers, and we had the pleasure of furnishing 34 of its cabanas to make for the ultimate coastal experience. Inspired by D-bay's summer home decoration, we wanted to share with you a few tips to help you style up your own summer home for a super chillaxing beach season. Let's start?

Warm Colors, Why Not?

We love us some blues and greens in a summer home but who said warm colors aren't summery? Probably no one. SO, go ahead and explore with corals, oranges, reds and other warm colors as you go about furnishing your seaside home. You don't need to go for large areas of color but some color in your accessories like rugs and cushions would be good enough for an energized final look. 

Tatweer D-bay Off White Meadow Cushion by Kiliim

Riya Rug by Boho Woodland

Get Creative

Well we'd recommend getting creative when furnishing your summer home, Cairo home and in pretty much everything! However, our point is that getting creative is naturally easier for most people in the context of their summer homes. Summer house decorating is more casual, laidback and easy going so many of us find it easier to take styling risks there. One thing our designers did in D-bay was styling what would normally be a rug as a heaboard! We love how this effortlessly brought some texture and pattern to the bedroom. 

Archways Cotton Kilim Heaboard by Kiliim

Smart Storage is Your Best Friend

We sometimes take it for granted that we won't need a lot of storage in a summer home. It's just some beach outfits for a few days or weeks and that's it, right? Not true. Smart storage solutions are essential in your summer home as you gather around beach essentials, toys, outfits, other outdoor essentials, miscellaneous objects like hair dryers, ironing boards, and so on. Speaking of which, we want to give a shout out to our friends at Golden Home Solutions for working with us on the closets and cabinets for D-bay's bedrooms and kitchens. We couldn't have done it without them. 

Special thanks to Golden Home Solutions

What did you think? Any particular tip stood out to you? We love working with clients on their summer homes - big developers and individual clients alike! If you're looking to furnish your own home, let us give you a helping hand.

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