3 Hacks to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Tips & tricks that'll help you make the best out of your space with minimal effort!

Not having that big of a space can seem like a problem, but our designers like to see it as more of a challenge! Monica, one of our awesome designers, shares a few tips & tricks that will make any space look bigger. Read on.

Love Long Legs!

Selecting the right furniture designs makes a huge difference when it comes to making your room look bigger. Go for furniture with long, sleek legs. Such furniture items will naturally give the illusion of more space within any room. Generally, furniture items that are slender & elevated from the floor are your best friends. Avoid, however, bulky furniture. Its shape will make it seem as if it has taken up more space and therefore your room will look smaller.

Use Mirrors

What’s wonderful about mirrors is that adding them to any space will automatically expand it. And the great thing is that they’re very simple to add - you just hang the mirror on the wall you need it on and you’re good to go! What happens is that the mirror will reflect the outdoor view opposite of it, making it seem like it’s an extension of your room and so your room will feel bigger.

Multi-purpose Furniture, Always

Multi-purpose furniture is just perfect for smaller spaces. A sofa functioning as both a sofa and a bed, a table functioning as both a back sofa and a desk. YES, please! It’s exactly the fact that multi purpose furniture is, well, multi-purpose that makes it the ideal choice for rooms without that much space. Invest in such pieces and you’re guaranteed much better use of your room and, by default, one that feels bigger than it actually is.

Which tip resonates with you the most? Our designers are experts at bringing the best out of each and every space and would love to help you out with your own home. Start your design project and let’s go through your space’s unique challenges together!

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