3 Hacks to Freshen Up Your Home Office

As beach season comes to an end & the new year slowly approaches, it's time to focus on you & your goals. Read on for tips on how to set up the perfect home office for that productivity boost to finish off another successful year.

It's September! Beach season is over, school/uni season is starting, and the new year is just around the corner. Perfect time to start considering your home office space, isn't it? Perhaps you want to include an office space in your home or you already have one but need to freshen it up a bit as you set your goals straight for the remaining of the year. In all cases this weekend's blog will help you get the perfect home office space with some essential interior styling tips & tricks. Let's gooo :)

Keep it Simple

Not everyone necessarily has enough room in their home for a designated office, and not everyone has to. Keep things simple and consider how you can fit things to your OWN needs and your own space. A great way to sneak a desk into your space is using a back sofa table in your living area and doubling it as a desk. Pop your laptop and a chair during the day, remove in the evening and replace with cute accessories, or keep as is day & night. Simple!

Here's the table we used for this look

Invest in Quality Pieces

Your home office is a space where you're going to spend a considerable part of your day in, and so your choice of furniture pieces needs to reflect that. Pick a chair that's comfortable for you and gives you the back support you need. Opt for a desk that's big enough to fit everything you need, is of the height that's most suitable for you, and last but not least: that looks inviting enough for you to spend a decent part of your day in! You can check out our selection of home office furniture here.

Consider Shelving and Storage

Think of the storage options you need in your work space. Do you find yourself in constant need of printing? Do you need access to specific papers on a daily basis? Or is it mostly just your laptop and an occasional notebook to jot down ideas and take notes? Thinking of your needs will help you decide on the kind of storage to include. Basic office cabinets, customized storage units, or simply just a few shelves to mount on your wall.

Our designers love these simple shelves

What about you? What's most important to you in a home office? Try out one of these tips for yourself or get one of our designers to help you out with your office space; we love bringing awesome spaces to life!

We help you create a space you love, at your convenience & your budget