Efreshli | 2022 Home Decor Trends Our Designers Are Excited About

2022 Home Decor Trends Our Designers Are Excited About

From bold colors & patterns to curved and chunky furniture pieces that feel like hugs, here are 5 interior decor trends our designers are exited about this year!

2022 Home Decor Trends Our Designers Are Excited about

The beginning of the year is a great time to reset and explore new trends in design. Here are 5 of the top trends our designers are excited to explore and work with this year!

Authenticity ...authenticity... authenticity

Our longing for travel is channeling into our home decor selections of authentic home decor and accessories. Pieces that feel exotic & original have never been in such high demand. Call it our way to bring travel into our homes.

Bold Colors & Charming Patterns

2022 will see more self expression in the home with more experimentation with bold colors and joyful patterns. We're excited to introduce these unique elements to play a part in the making of unique and charming homes.

Organic & Round Shapes

Softer shapes with smoother edges exude a feeling of warmth and welcome that their straight edged counterparts miss. This ubiquity of curves in home design is not a new trend, but it's here to stay and evolve in 2022.

Sustainable Japandi

Elements of Scandinavian & Japanese design merge together to create a minimal, slow moving, & sustainable aesthetic. Quality over quantity, simplicity, sustainability, & mindfulness are all lifestyle choices that come to life in this beautiful aesthetic.

Multi-Functional Spaces are here to STAY & GROW!

Working from home is gonna get prettier in 2022. People are going to integrate better designed work spaces to build on the fact that working from home (if even only part time) has become the new normal.

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